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Shineworld has been deeply involved in cable manufacturing equipment for 18 years with a group of senior technical engineers. Together with Shanghai Cable Design Institute, we deliver manufacturing equipment and plants for investors and cable manufacturers, realizing great ROI.

We Integrate Build Provide

We have maintained a steady supply of professional cable manufacturing equipment and comprehensive technical support. This allows you to achieve efficient production and quick benefits.


Technology Breakthrough

In cooperation with Shanghai Cable Design Institute, we absorb pioneering technologies for better adaptation of your equipment.


Standardized Production

After 18 years of experience and standardization of production, there is a regulation and supervision of orders.


Integrated Supply Chain

Shineworld Group has established a solid supply chain at home and abroad to provide you with timely delivery of equipment.


Favorable Reputation

Since 2004, Shineworld Group has served more than 60 overseas regions and cooperated with over 100 clients for more than 10 years.

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Cable Machinery

We value the design and performance of each piece of equipment. Senior engineers offer you technical analysis and all equipment is subjected to at least 3 rounds of precise performance testing to achieve international level quality.

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Turnkey Project

An experienced project team tailors your individual project and provides attentive service. Detailed up-front analysis and expertise in design and manufacturing allow you to achieve higher returns.

Professionalism Paves The Way

Following the importance of machine quality and regional market, we not only delve into exclusive technology to develop customer-friendly equipment but also join hands with overseas spare parts brands to create the most cost-competitive and technologically advanced cable manufacturing equipment.

All the equipment provided by Shineworld Group supports the installation of the MES system and factory ERP system, which is an advantage rarely found nationwide. You can monitor the production process remotely through the MES system, control the equipment intelligently, and store production information in real-time.

In order to maintain the stable performance and efficient production of the machines, the selection of spare parts is strictly required. We use well-known brands such as NSK, Siemens , and Schneider. Ensuring the durability of the equipment and reducing the maintenance cost.

After accumulating 18 years of manufacturing experience, we have developed a standard production process on a large scale. Our factory has 3 production workshops and 2 well-established production lines, which significantly improves the manufacturing speed and ensures that our schedule can always exceed your expectations.

Inclusive Solutions Steps That Save Your Worries

We are committed to providing comprehensive and professional plant solutions to investors worldwide. We build your plant quickly and professionally, with complete technical support from start to finish, eliminating the hassle of installation and commissioning for you.

Expert Assessment

Before your project begins, highly qualified technical experts will meticulously evaluate the project to ensure its feasibility and return on your investment.

Overall Equipment

With our deep expertise in our target industries, we are capable of supplying your plant with a full range of equipment, accessories and raw materials.

Superior Service

Shineworld Group has offices in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan ,and Nigeria and is ready to provide after-sales on-site support.

Reasons To Partner With Shineworld

Shineworld Group maintains an industry-leading position with outstanding factory customization services and superior cable manufacturing facilities, harnessing emerging cable protection technologies that are the first of their kind in the country.

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Advanced Manufacturing

Led by various experts, the production team maintains research on advanced technology and refinement of the process so that the products follow the intelligent trends most increasingly popularized in the target market.

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Delicate Packaging

For the packaging, Shineworld Group has thorough and specific standards, from packaging materials, specifications, and methods, which must be carried out in accordance with the regulations with special personnel to inspect and approve.

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Rigorous Testing

Independently managed testing laboratories and experienced testing teams add security to the equipment. We are also equipped with dedicated quality control equipment for performance testing.

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Premium Service

We guarantee a one-year warranty for all equipment sold as well as a one-to-one service for all after-sales issues within 24 hours. Technical problems include expert advice on upgrades and modifications.

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Innovation Capability

In the past ten years, we have devoted ourselves to researching innovative technologies to bring new impetus to the cable industry and to provide new environmentally friendly products to the market.

Capabilities Beyond Estimation

The continuous improvement and innovation of our in-house R&D capabilities present you with industry-leading equipment. In turnkey projects, we also provide tailor-made services to help you improve the productivity and profitability of your customized plant.

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A solid foundation for Shineworld Group’s good reputation is built on quality products and attentive service. Our engineers with deep global project experience empower your brand to gain wider recognition in your target markets by constantly improving market insight.

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Shineworld Group is focused on equipment manufacturing and innovation for the cable industry. Stay tuned to us by keeping up with our timely news updates about our technogy, service, and machinery.

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