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Through cooperation with Shanghai Cable Design Institute, Shineworld combines innovative foreign concepts with original local technology to provide you with a complete cable manufacturing solution. Meanwhile, we provide a one-stop after-sales service to reduce your budget and manpower.

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After stringent selection of suppliers and raw materials to manufacture our practical, safe, and reliable equipment, specialists are available to check the performance and appearance of the equipment throughout a rigid quality inspection process.

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In need of a fast delivery machine? Expedite the profitability of your next project with our hot-selling cable manufacturing machines, shipped from our factory in negotiable due days and lower shipping costs.

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Consulting & Pricing

Free consultation prior to the start of the solution allows us to be more attuned to your individual needs. At the same time, we emphasize allowing you to enjoy efficient production and optimal profitability at the lowest cost.

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Signing & Producing

We strive to bring greater levels of technology and lower energy consumption to our machines, allowing for more refined cables. Also, integration and intelligent design are available to meet your customized needs.

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Checking & Testing

A separate raw material and performance testing room are specially equipped with advanced testing instruments to bring the machines up to international standards while giving you more confidence in quality and longevity.

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Packaging & Shipping

Our machinery is packaged according to the principles of safety, environmental protection, and material-based packaging to prevent maximum damage in transit. Shineworld guarantees timely and complete delivery of the equipment to you, regardless of the transport option.

p03 1 s05 pic 05 Installation & Commissioning

Installation & Commissioning

On the arrival of the equipment, Shineworld will provide installation guidance, organize staff training, and send engineers around the world for on-site technical support.

Low Cost With High Reward

Our machines stand out with higher efficiency, faster production speed, and stronger performance. Outstanding technicians can solve many tricky problems for you so that you can deal with publicity matters with confidence.

Quick Delivery

The equipment automatically enters the production and logistics process in the warehouse, speeding up shipping and reducing your waiting time.


Shineworld’s engineers specialize in combining market needs with your strengths to provide the most suitable equipment.

High-end Accessories

In addition to famous parts sourced from overseas, Shineworld’s parts machining center can fine-tune core components to your custom needs.

Upgrade For Efficiency

At Shineworld, our primary goal is to make it easy for workers to operate their machines and achieve high production speeds and low energy consumption.

We Never Cease To Perfect Ourselves

Throughout the past ten years of manufacturing experience, Shineworld constantly applies excellent product design concepts to cable machinery, creating numerous products that meet local market demand. Bringing you considerable benefits.

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Low Voltage Cable Plant

Turnkey Project : Nigeria - Berliac Engineer
Low Voltage Cable Plant
Total Value: USD 1,800,000.00

06 1

LV Cable Plant

Turnkey Project : Nigeria - COLEMAN CABLE
LV Cable Plant
Total Value:USD 2,200,000.00

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