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SWM-BM630 Bunching Stranding Machine

  • High speed and good stability (the motor through the rigid coupling directly connected with the drive shaft)

  • The machine can automatically adjust the tension smoothly, keep the tension uniform variation, Can achieve tension setting while working.

  • Over-line system: The latest structure,can avoid high-speed operation due to wind resistance Caused by stranding scratch, jump shares phenomenon.

  • Spindle lubrication: butter lubrication (PLC auto Oil lubrication: Avoid artificial factors without regular refueling caused spindle bearings lack of oil, bearing damage).

  • Rotation Arm: after high-speed dynamic balancer processing; noise less than 82 decibels.

  • Spindle pulley and wire guide pulley are enlarged, the conductor bending radius is increased, and the twisted conductor is more rounded

  • Bow with carbon fiber, strong hardness, not easy to deform, small vibration, light weight, small centrifugal force, wire slot, reduce wire and air friction, so that the quality is more stable.

  • Transmission system: drive with synchronous belts, laying accurate, no internal lubrication position, no waste products effect by refueling and machine cleaning.




Model HSST-630 HSST-800
Bobbin Ø [mm] 500-630 630-800
Bobbin load[kg] 500 800
Wire Ø[mm]


Cu/Al 0.6-4.0 1.2-5.0
PVC 2.5-5.0 3.5-7.0
Max. Speed [m/min] Draw 1800 1200
Hi-Ex 1000 1800
Lo-Ex 450 450
Motor power  [kW] 22/11/7.5 30/15/11 

2. Main Parameter

Products Model 630
Fit materials Bare copper wire, Tinning line, Silvering line.
Wire Diameter Irregular Bunching
Wire dia.
Min. 0.12-Max1.04mm
Product range Half-regular Bunching(1+6)
Sectional area
Min.0.75-Max6 mm2
Pitches E-adjusted 11.6~100mm
Max. Line speed Max 250m/min ( Line speed according to the lay length)
The largest production speed 2000 rpm   4000-twist/min, Normal working speed: up to 1800RPM(3600TPM ), Production speed is the stranding machines theoretically possible to achieve, the actual production speed depends on various factors, such as: quality of wire supply, bobbins, the proficiency of operator and product structure.
Bobbin dimensions Weight when bobbin full Max600KG
Tension 0-5kgf
Guide pulley dia 90mm
Haul-off capstan dia 54.8-157
Emergency stop time 8 seconds (from max. speed)
630 630mm 315mm 475mm 415mm 127mm 500KGS
Operation direction Operation direction selection is based on layout of the factory, usually, for two machines, so that the operator can monitor the two machines at the same time.
Noise level Max. 85 dBA (average value), Tested at 1 meter from the machine according to DIN45635 standard.
Supply voltage / Total capacity 3×380V+/-10%+PE / 20KVA
Power frequency 50Hz+/-2%
Control voltage 230 V AC / 24 V DC
Wiring Cables connected to machine prepared by customers, cables of switch cabinet and between machines are included and well connected.
Cable of switch cabinet Connected from the bottom, socket connector
Operation and display device Mounted at the operation desk on cover
Machine installation Without foundation, fix the machine to the concrete floor by bolts.(installed by customers)
Compressed air Provided by customers    0 6 Pa (Max. pressure 6 x 105 Pa), water and oil free
Electromagnetic compatibility 1.The machine is conformity with the electromagnetic compatibility specification89/ 336/EWG 2.The electromagnetic compatibility of the installation for production line and frequency converter inlet filter has been included.
Control  method touch-screen text display and programmable logic controller (PLC).
Adjustment of pitches Pitch controlled by gears
Traverse adjustment method External control, internal electrical line conditioning.
Electrical Equipment Equipment and cables are designed in accordance with VDE0113/DIN57113 (IEC204-1/EN60204 Part I). If the 24-hour average temperature not more than 35℃, the minimum environmental temperature is +5℃ / the maximum environmental temperature is +40℃, altitude is no more than 1,000 meters,
Relative Humidity: maximum 50% at 40℃; maximum 90% at 20℃; In the state of the power supply mentioned as per EN60204-1/4.3.2, the electrical system of the production line can work without fault surely.The overall impact to the factory’s power supply grid can be improved by installing compensation equipment by the user only.  We recommend that users to analysis the power supply grid after the production line operation.

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