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First Manufacturer Of PE Lagging For Cable Drum Protection In China

Shineworld Group is the very first domestic supplier of flexible protection lagging for cable drum in China. At a time when raw materials are in short supply, we insist on purchasing premium HDPE and LDPE materials and mixing them in a certain ratio to meet the technical specifications and to be able to recycle 100% of the materials, which has an environmental effect. We independently developed and produced this cable protection product.

Separate Production Line

Due to the high importance and technical requirements of the protection lagging for cable, Shineworld purposely established a separate production line for the production and assembly of this product which is equipped with high proficiency talents and advanced equipment imported from overseas. We insist on using intelligence and the industrial internet of things to achieve high productivity and low cost of cable protection materials and enhance user operation satisfaction.

Exclusive Branding

The best part of this cable protection product is that it supports printing your brand logo. We use true color printing to beautify the image of your brand packaging. An aesthetically pleasing custom appearance makes your brand stand out in the marketplace and increases recognition.

Discover The Technology

Relying on Shineworld Group’s in-house research and development experience over the decades, we continue to push the boundaries of the cable industry, iterate on the acquired technologies and capabilities that derive the source of innovation from our tireless research.

Combination of East and West

First to introduce state-of-the-art western design concepts, invite professors from well-known domestic universities to assemble and experiment, and conduct repeated tests.

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Combination of innovation and practicality

The first to mix the traditional plastic sheet with the actual protection requirements of the cable, adopting innovative materials in accordance with the prescribed ratio.

Highlight Of Benefits

The PE lagging is a ground-breaking integration of innovative material and technology curated by a house of outstanding researchers and designers. Easily enjoy the convenience and function while protecting your cable from all potential damage.

Economical Utility

Unlike traditional wood panels, the protection lagging can speed up packaging for workers, up to finishing in less than 1 minute with just one person.

Thorough Protection

Dust and UV protection is the advantage of the protection plate for the cable. It’s also proved to be impact and puncture-resistant.

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Durable Performance

Elongation at break up to 1400%. Tensile strength up to 50KG/CM². It can prolong the service life effectively and reduce the maintenance cost for you later.

Custom Width

Custom width makes the protection more comprehensive, fits better with the cable, and has a unique experience of use.

Know Your Needs, Excute Intelligenctly, And Achieve Greater Profit

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Branch Office: Changzhou Shineworld New Materials Technology

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