Buncher Machine

High Speed & Good Stability

Shineworld Group designs and manufactures cable buncher machines. Fast speed, good stability, user-friendly touch screen interface operation, stable operation, low noise.

Wide Selection Of Options

Right On Point Solution For Your Consideration

Offers a wide variety of flexible conductor buncher stranding equipment and solutions. It is suitable for the twisting of various cables in various scenarios, and the operation is simple, safe and reliable.

High Speed And Good Stability

The motor through the rigid coupling directly connected with the drive shaft.

Automatic Tension Control

When stranding, the reel take-up from the empty to the full, the tension must be increased (With the touch screen Free Set the data) The machine can automatically adjust the tension smoothly, keep the tension uniform variation, Can achieve tension setting while working.

Latest Structure Over-line System

The wire from the spindle directly across the guide wheel to the bow belt, the bow (with) a unique semi-circular groove design, with the bow with a semicircle porcelain ring line to avoid high-speed operation due to wind resistance Caused by stranding scratch, jump shares phenomenon.

We Are Always Ready To Boost Your Business

Shineworld brings you standard, high-capacity cable manufacturing equipment. Through efficient production, we reduce your waiting time to help you generate revenue faster.

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Modernized Manufacturing

The imported CNC lathe specialized the production process of the equipment, and the intelligent management system of the production plant makes the production pace faster.

Integrated Service

Our overseas offices provide you with localized services, including on-site plant surveys and dispatching resident engineers.


Middle Voltage Cable Plant

Turnkey Project : Nigeria - COLEMAN CABLE
Middle Voltage Cable Plant
Total Value: USD 9,800,000.00


Wiring Cable And Control Cable Factroy

Turnkey Project : Nigeria - ZOBIS CABLE
Wiring Cable And Control Cable Factory
Total Value: USD 880,000.00

Know Your Needs, Excute Intelligenctly, And Achieve Greater Profit

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