Quality Control

Scrupulousness Penetrates Into Every Step Of Inspection

As a manufacturing company that values quality, Shineworld Group focuses a great deal of our human and financial resources on quality control of our equipment, taking into account that the operation of the machine is in your interest and we do our best to ensure stable supply and smooth operation of the equipment.


Raw Material Testing

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The quality of appearance, size, material, and packaging are the focus of our incoming material inspection. In addition, we also evaluate the qualification of our suppliers, and we only pass those that meet the standards.


Electrical Accessory Testing

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Before admission to the factory, we will carry out a preliminary inspection of electrical parts for specification, model, and brand, followed by a quality inspection by technicians for use.


Semi-finished Machine Inspection

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At the semi-finished product stage, technicians perform rigorous tests on parts such as assembly tolerances and surface finishes, as well as vernier calipers for machining accuracy.


Finished Machine Testing

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Finished product testing is divided into 3 rounds, which are appearance test, coordination test, and operation test. Technicians inspect each of them according to strict quality inspection standards and use special testing equipment.

We Insist On Product Safety As Top Priority

Independent Quality Control Lab

To meet the technical specifications and operational requirements, we have set up an independent raw material testing laboratory and a performance testing laboratory specifically for testing the quality of raw materials, fitting of accessories, and performance of the equipment. The technical staff will not ship the equipment until it has passed the comparison and measurement with the drawings.

Enhanced Quality Control Equipment

Over the years, our equipment has been trusted widely because of our strict control of the quality of the equipment, giving you the opportunity to reduce human errors in the operation process and reduce the losses caused by machine failures in the process of machine operation.

Rounds Of Testing
Yield Rate
Testing Matters

True Pioneer Machinery Crafted With Rigorous Intentions

After experiencing hundreds of solutions and thousands of equipment, we acquired a set of standard procedures for equipment testing, which lead the way in upgrading our quality control for manufacturing and ultimately seeking long-term benefits for you.


After our concentrated testing of product quality and performance along with our efforts to meet the standards, the equipment has received international authoritative safety and environmental certifications, adding to the competitiveness of Shineworld Group while alleviating your concerns about the quality of the equipment.

Know Your Needs, Excute Intelligenctly, And Achieve Greater Profit

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