Coiling & Wrapping Line

Empowering Your Factory With Smart Machines

As one of the most automated production lines, the coiling & wrapping line has a fully automated packaging and automatic error detection system, which greatly reduces your labor cost and improves factory intelligence.

Wide Selection Of Options

Right On Point Solution For Your Consideration

As a manufacturer of coiling and wrapping lines, Shineworld Group has earned a place in the cable manufacturing industry and has over 1000 coiling & wrapping solutions in daily use around the world, building loyal customers with short lead times.

Fully Automated

Full automation is a highlight of the coiling & wrapping line, including automatic packaging and automatic material changes, modernizing manufacturing, and bringing sustainable growth to the plant.

Robotic Stacking

We offer coiling and wrapping machine with a robot stacking function, which increases the production speed with less labor cost for you.

Dust & Water Resistant

In different production environments, our coiling and wrapping machines are always in good condition from dust and water damage. The strong durability brings consistent production to you.

We Are Always Ready To Boost Your Business

With a stable supply chain of ingredients, it’s no surprise that a consistent supply of cable equipment is available. To highlight the sustainable development path, we bring you a diverse range of customized equipment and services.

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Streamlined Manufacturing

Powerful and intelligent IPC system with network function, seamlessly connected with ERP for efficient management.

Prompt Service

Specialists are always ready to provide you with one-on-one service, responding to both shipping and technical questions within 24 hours.

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Middle Voltage Cable Plant

Turnkey Project : Nigeria - COLEMAN CABLE
Middle Voltage Cable Plant
Total Value: USD 9,800,000.00


Wiring Cable And Control Cable Factroy

Turnkey Project : Nigeria - ZOBIS CABLE
Wiring Cable And Control Cable Factory
Total Value: USD 880,000.00

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