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Automatic Coiling&Binding Machine

  • Auto-cable coiling with continuous binding in one machine.

  • Non-stop production enhances the efficiency and quantity.

  • Automatic cable feeder, no manual labeling, safer and more convenient.

  • Saving your space for installation, and reducing the man labor expense for cable package

  • Could easily connect with Heat Shrinking Packing Machine to do the packaging continually.


Model Height [mm] Outer diameter [mm] Inner diameter [mm] Wire diameter [mm] Wrapping materials Average coil output speed [coil/min]
CP1040 50-100 180-400 120-200 3-10 PVC/PE 2-2.5
CP1860 80-180 280-600 180-250 4-15 PVC/PE 1-1.5

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