Device For Extrusion Line

Stable & Reliable Device For Extrusion Line Manufacturer

The seamless extrusion makes production efficient and stable. Shineworld Group has also introduced the device for extrusion line with automatic reel change to save your labor and time cost.

Proudly Presents

Pay-off & Take-up

The pay-off & take-up as the highlight of the Shineworld Group, featuring the advantage of great lineup precision. It can be applied to a variety of materials, which means that we can customize it to your individual needs.

  • Less Noise
  • Excellent Versatility
  • Convenient Operation

Wide Selection Of Options

Right On Point Solution For Your Consideration

Speedy Shipment

Some parts with small size and good sales volume will be stocked in advance for quick delivery, allowing you to increase the speed of profitability.

High-speed Motors

For different production requirements, we will provide customized equipment for you, and the parts are preferred to professional brands or cost-effective ones.

Electric Powered

In order to reduce your budget, a high-velocity screw for an energy-saving effect of more than 40% is adopted. And effectively saving 15-20% energy with servo drive.

We Are Always Ready To Boost Your Business

To create a user-friendly operating experience, we incorporate an MES system into the equipment, which can perfectly integrate with your plant management system, so that you no longer have to worry about the adaptability and commissioning of the equipment.


Superb Manufacturing

For stable operation and low maintenance cost, Shineworld uses prestigious parts, such as NSK and SKF bearings, Siemens motors, etc.

Satisfactory Service

In addition to equipment manufacturing, we can also provide technical support and engineering guidance for projects, as well as post-branding services.

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LV Cable Plant

Turnkey Project : Nigeria - COLEMAN CABLE
LV Cable Plant
Total Value:USD 2,200,000.00

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LV Cable Plant

Turnkey Project : Nigeria - COLEMAN CABLE
LV Cable Plant
Total Value:USD 2,200,000.00

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Fiber Cable Project

Turnkey Project : Saudi Arabic
Fiber Cable Project
Total Value : USD 2,000,000.00


Outdoor Fiber Cable Plant

Turnkey Project : Nigeria - NGCOL
Outdoor Fiber Cable Plant

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