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Shineworld Group is based in Shanghai, China. Our factory is located in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China. We established in 2004 with 18 years of experience in wire and cable industry. It only takes 1 hour from our company to the nearest airport. Welcome to visit our company!

(1)Online factory inspection, production, shipment, and after-sales service within 24 hours.
(2)Always a pre-production sample before mass production.
(3)Always the final testing before shipment, and provide full-process visualization services.
(4)Mechanical parts guarantee 12 months, electrical parts guarantee 6 months.
(5)Dispatch skilled engineers on spot for installation, commissioning and maintenance.

(1)Raw materials for wire and cable
(2)Extrusion line for insulation and sheathing;
(3)PE lagging for cable drum protection.
(4)Turnkey projects for cable plants, metallurgical plants, air separation plants, etc.
(5)Accessories for up casting and CCR

Generally, 3-7 days for goods in stock 
                  10-30 days for goods after releasing order. 
                   make the delivery as soon as possible with guaranteed quality. 

Of course, will make 5-10% discount.

(1)Plant solution design and machine design
(2)Some free samples
(3)Technical support
(4)Installation and commissioning
(5)After-sales service
(6)Packaging customization and other customized services
(7)For details, you can contact online customer service for communication.

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Head Office: Shanghai Shineworld Group

Room 1603, No.950 Dalian Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai



Branch Office: Changzhou Shineworld New Materials Technology

No.101-10, Kechuang Road, Changdang Lake Science and Technology Venture Park, Jintan, Changzhou, China


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