Turnkey Project

Where Your Imagination Becomes Reality

At Shineworld, every turnkey project is fully customized. This means that as long as you provide us with your ideas, we will do the rest for you.

Based on your needs, we can design a reasonable plant layout for you, and combine our industry expertise to bring you professional marketing strategies, including feasibility analysis, ROI calculation ,and budget control, etc., guiding you to reap the benefits quickly with efficient process management.


Build Your Plant With Ease From Now On

The standardized process of turnkey projects saves you both labor and money. Thorough technical analysis and practical solutions allow you to avoid worrying about any technical shortcomings.


Analysis & Design

Thanks to meticulous technical feasibility analysis and plant layout design by our experienced engineers, we can satisfy production requirements as quickly and profitably as possible.


Production & Procurement

You can get timely updates on the production process, plus monitor the details of purchases and budget usage with the intelligent ARM management system.


Installation & Commission

Upon the arrival of the machines, our technicians will follow up with operational training for your employees, along with straightforward installation instructions. Field service is also available.


We Provide Beyond Your Requirement

By thoughtfully studying your investment and production needs, an expert with deep skills is equipped to solve your problems so that you can spend your time in the right direction. With the professional solutions we offer, you can easily get the benefits you deserve and exceed your expectations.

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Always Surpass Your Expectation

Popular Options For Individual Plants

Shineworld Group is well experienced in the cable industry, deep processing of non-ferrous metals ,and gas separation industry, with a set of skilled routines. Through in-depth research and communication, we are capable of providing you with specialized and advanced solutions to meet your marketing demands.

Cable Plant

Offering dedicated service and full expert advice.

Air Separation Plant

Providing efficient production and product quality.

Metallurgical Plant

Optimizing production safety and profitability.

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Competent Plants Built By Seasoned Team

In good cooperation with our suppliers, we strive to achieve shorter construction periods and better quality of equipment. The detailed analysis and the full range of technical services provided for the project are designed to fit well with your production and expansion needs allowing the plant to reach the expected first-year profit.

A Comprehensive Solution That Outshines Your Peer

Shineworld Group has always been committed to leading the industry with innovative and technologically advanced equipment. Out of our responsibility to your ROI, we sensibly analyze market trends while keeping up with the world’s advanced technology.

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Overall Equipments

Starting from raw materials, we will provide you with an advanced production machine covering the entire production process.

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Professional Parts

The key components such as motors, bearings, and switches are all well-known foreign brands to ensure the quality of our equipment.

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Intelligent Operation

In order to save labor and realize an intelligent plant, our equipment is installed with MES management system, which is the first of its kind in the industry.

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On-site Installation

Shineworld Group has offices in Saudi Arabia and Nigeria, etc., conditioned to send engineers for field visits and field installation of equipment.

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LV Cable Plant

Turnkey Project : Nigeria - COLEMAN CABLE
LV Cable Plant
Total Value:USD 2,200,000.00


Outdoor Fiber Cable Plant

Turnkey Project : Nigeria - NGCOL
Outdoor Fiber Cable Plant


Wiring Cable And Control Cable Factroy

Turnkey Project : Nigeria - ZOBIS CABLE
Wiring Cable And Control Cable Factory
Total Value: USD 880,000.00

Know Your Needs, Excute Intelligenctly, And Achieve Greater Profit

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