Strict Packaging Regulations

Having accumulated experience in servicing more than 60 locations, we have developed an independent code of equipment packaging in accordance with international standards. To achieve safe protection and complete delivery, we elaborately select the materials and methods of packaging.

Want to keep your equipment from falling apart during a long journey at sea? Shineworld Group is firmly committed to optimizing its packaging to ensure that it arrives in excellent condition.

Long-distance Shipping Suitable

Various Packaging Materials

In order to prevent moisture, shock, scratch, and impact, we use a variety of packaging materials, including iron trays and PE film to enhance protection.

Various Packaging Materials

Due to the packaging regulations, Shineworld Group's outgoing parts and machines are inspected and re-packaged according to the regulations if they do not meet the packaging requirements.

Exclusive Acceptance

Diversified Packaging Methods

Depending on the complexity of the machine, we have a variety of packaging methods for individual packaging of the machine, device, accessory, and raw material. Different packaging materials are also used according to the different packaging methods, in order to achieve secure packaging.

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Accessory - Pallet Packaging

Pallet packaging is divided into plastic pallets and wooden pallets, the bottom requires strong and stability, made in accordance with national standards GB / T 2934 1996. The load capacity is more than 1000kg, and the material is recyclable.

Key Component - Wooden Case Packaging

Wooden box packaging consists of the outer packaging and inner packaging, outer packaging must ensure secondary reinforcement and use a special iron buckle seal box to prevent dehiscence. The inner packaging must follow the provisions of shockproof, dustproof, moistureproof, and rustproof, using foam cotton, desiccant, and other materials for strict protection.

Electrical Machines - Iron Base Packaging

For the purpose of rust prevention and easy unloading measures for electrical machines, we have taken measures to oil the surface of the equipment, add a guide wheel device to the base of the equipment, and leave the entrance for the forklift. In addition, the equipment is covered with 100% double-wrapping film to add secondary protection.

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