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SW-1250 Frame Type Single Twist Cabling Line

  • PLC signal transmission

  • The space is very small

  • Ultra short cable channel

  • Automatic refueling lubrication system

  • Automatic bearing temperature sensing system

  • Energy saving of variable frequency motor 20%

  • The whole machine adopts individual motor control

  • Advanced aerodynamic design

  • Variable frequency motor and control system

  • NSK bearing, high tensile strength

  • Excavation free foundation and convenient installation

  • The smart meter is installed in the control cabinet



This machine set is applicable to the high-speed cable forming and twisting of all kinds of power cords, PVC and PE cables, Category 5, 6, and 7 data cables, telecommunication cables, and other special-purpose wires and cables. It can also be used for central taping and side taping.

Equipment composition

No. Description Quantity Remarks
1 Ø560/630 motor driving pay off (frame type) 7 sets  
Ø560/630 motor driving pay off (Cantilever type) 7 sets Optional
2 Die holder 1 set  
3 Pneumatic wire clamping device 1 set  
4 Central type taping machine 2 sets  
5 Longitudinal Taping machine 1 set  
6 Ø1250mm Frame type single twister 1 set  
7 Main electric cabinet 1 set  
8 Air conditioner for cabinet 1 set  
9 Filler stand 1 set 8 heads
10 Lubrication system for Single twist 1 set  
11 Lubrication system for taping machine 1 set  
12 Automatic bearing temperature sensing system 1 set  
13 Forming mould 1 set Commissioning
14 Spare tools 1 set Production
15 Coating: a. RAL5015    b. RAL7035    c.RAL6017     d. RAL5023     e. sample color provided by the customer or based on customer demand.
16 Operation direction:A. From left to right ;    B. From right to left
17 Bobbin of 560 and 630mm, the customer provide the bobbin drawing.

Main parameters

Applicable core wire Ø0.6-Ø5.0mm
(flexible insulation wire: 0.50mm²-6.0mm²)
(stranded wire: Max. 6.0mm²)
Twisting output diameter MAX. Ø30.0mm
 Range of cable lay 30mm-600mm stepless regulation
Take-up bobbin diameter Ø1250mm
Tape specification
Pore diameter Ø76mm
Tape diameter Ø500mm
Width range 10mm-40mm
Applicable materials Cotton paper, Nylar tape, Aluminum foil tape, Polyester tape
Rotation speed of taping machine Max. 2500 rpm
2000rpm when production
Rotation speed of single-twisting machine Max. 500rpm ( dynamic balance)
400rpm when production
Direction left, right (“S”, “Z”); can be reversed

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