SW 120 High Speed Wire Insulation Line

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1、Competitive price
2、No installation, no foundation, take model design including electrical wire 、water pipe and air pipe. Only connected can start to work because already test running before shipment
3、Local after sales service because shineworld set up aboard after sales office and has 4-5 local engineer
4、En-joyful buying because professional team


Process materials     XLPE   PVC
Line speed 0~100m/min(25mm² –100m/min)
Screw rotate speed 0-80RPM/min
Maximum extruding capacity PVC:680kg/h ±5% ; XLPE: 600kg/h ±5%
Size Conductor OD Thickness mm Finished


50mm2 8.9 1.4 11.9mm 100m/min
150mm2 15.7 1.8 19.5mm 80m/min
3*25mm2 25 1.8 28.6mm 100m/min
3*150mm2 36 2.0 42mm 60m/min
3*240mm2 46 2.5 50mm 40m/min
Max output 1 screw for 120 600kg 500kg 680kg
Motor Power 132kw
Conductor size range Conductor size 8.0-45.0mm;

Core size: 25.0-80.0mm

Cross section area(mm2) 10-60mm Cross head size Adjustable type
Finished cable diameter Insulation: 10.0-40.0mm ;

Jacketing: 30.0-80.0mm

Applicable cable type Insulation or jacketing
Axis cable height 1000mm
Voltage 3 phase -5 wires. AC380/415V (±10%),-50/60HZ, according to customer’s standard.

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