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Cantilever with Hydraulic Driven Pay Off &Take Up

Mainly for stranding, extruding and irradiated lines.

  • Bobbin supported in cantilever being the bobbin lifting done through hydraulic cylinders and the pintles closing done through a motor and a worm drive. It adopts hydraulic swing arm double casting structure, hydraulic lifting and lead screw clamping;

  • High precision cable traversing done through a worm drive with servo motor;

  • Designed for processes which require high speed and big bobbin sizes;

  • HMI+PLC control system for speed synchronization with the line.


Model CHYD-1250 CHYD-1600 CHYD-2000
Applicable wire –coil specification [mm] Φ630-1250 Φ800-1600 Φ1000-Φ2000
Applicable wire-coil width [mm]   475-950 600-1180 750-1500
Applicable wire diameter [mm] Φ5-30 Φ6-40 Φ8-60
Load capacity [kg] 2000 4000 6000
Take-up speed [mm/min] 200 100 100
Motor power / Pay off [kw] 7.5 11 11
Motor power / take up &traverse [kw](Servo screw motor) 1 1 1
Motor power / Clamping [kw] 0.4 0.4 0.4
Bobbin Lift Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
Electrical Control &HMI SIMEN200PLC+7” SIMEN200PLC+7” SIMEN200PLC+7”

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