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Down Coiler with Press

Down coiler with press is winding equipment used in combination with large wire drawing machine, it’s consisted of frame, coiling arm, coiling head, wire container and coil transport system and electric control system.

  • It is driven by AC motor. The exocentric and rotating design is adopted for the coiler, enabling the wire to form plum blossom pattern and put the wire down into the container without curls & release and achieve dense filling.

  • The coiler has the length metering and preset production function, when the coiling length reaches set value, the coiling system gives the light and sound alarm hint, the operator can control wire storage and spool transport system through the operation panel of coiler and cut the wire manually, remove full spool and move in empty spool to gain the goal of continuous production.

  • The coiler is suitable for the winding of cylindrical barrel, conical column and once-through hard board bobbin.


Type DCAM-500 DCAM-850
Max coiling speed [m/min] 600 1500
Max coiling diameter [mm]


2.50~5.20 (electric wire) 1.20~3.50(copper wire)
Diameter of barrel [mm] 800 800
Dimension of basket(inner*outer*height) [mm*mm*mm] Φ580×Φ1050×1830 Φ580×Φ1050×1830
Capacity of basket [kg] Max. 1000 Max. 1800
jacob morch Qwg4Bwg4gPk unsplash scaled

Drawing Line

jacob morch Qwg4Bwg4gPk unsplash scaled

Extrusion Line

Additional Applications

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