• fine wire drawing machinestandard
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  • fine wire drawing machinestandard
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Fine Wire Drawing Machine( Standard Model)


Production Speed

Wire size [mm] Model
B22-2S [m/min] B24-2S [m/min]
0.08 2000
0.12 2000 2000
0.15 2200 2200
0.20 2200 2200
0.25 2200 2200
0.32 1500 1500
0.40 1400



Technical Specification

Description Specification
B22-2S B24-2S
Max. inlet diameter [mm] Φ1.2 Φ1.2
Outlet diameter [mm] Φ0.12-0.40 Φ0.08-0.32
Max. mechanical speed [m/min] 2400 2400
Max. drawing cone diameter [mm] Φ220 Φ190
Capstan diameter [mm] Φ200 Φ170
Number. of dies 22 24
Mechanical elongation 17.6%;Last die:15.4% 13%;Last die:8%
Main motor power [kw] AC11(driven by inverter) AC11(driven by inverter)
Suitable motor power [kw] AC3 AC3
Suitable dimension of spool[mm] Φ300*Φ220*Φ125*Φ250 Φ300*Φ220*Φ125*Φ250
Suitable capacity spool [kg] 50 50
Volt [V] 3*380(-5%+10%) 3*380(-5%+10%)
Frequency [Hz] 50Hz(±2%) 50Hz(±2%)
Machine dimensions [mm] 2000*1300*1900 2000*1300*1900
Net weight [kg] 1600 1600
Traverse method Direction controlled by screw clutch/screw slippery-rail traverse
Cooling method Spray
Brake method Eletromagnetic

1.The spooler can be designed according to the dimensioin of spool provided by customer.
2.When use pneumatic brake,compressed air shall be clean and no grease, working pressure 0.6-0.7Mpa,inflation value ±0.02Mpa,dew point- 25°C,flow value 50L/min.

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