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Laser Marker

Fiber laser marking machine is widely used in gold &silver& diamond, sanitary ware,food packing,tobacco&beer & drink marking, medicine packing, medical apparatus and instruments, watch & glasses, auto parts,plastic&paper, electronics metal and others which need the mark to be very accurate ,elaborate and  smooth.


Type SWLZ-500
Output Power [W] 20
Wavelength [nm] 1060
Beam quality <1.2
Repeating frequency [KHz] 20~100
Marking scope [mm*mm] 100*100/ 150*150
Linear speed [s] character
Marking Speed [mm/s] ≤12000
Marking Depth [mm] ≤0.4
Min. line width [mm] 0.012
Min. character size [mm] 0.15
Repeating  accuracy [mm] ±0.003
Electrical source [KW]  0.5

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