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Ф1250/1600mm Type Double Twist Stranding Machine

  • Double bow technique is adopted

  • Wireless signal transmission

  • Excavation free foundation and installation

  • The space is very small

  • Ultra short cable channel

  • Reliable slip ring system

  • Hydraulic up and down discharger

  • Automatic lubrication system

  • Automatic bearing temperature sensing system

  • Servo motor energy saving 20%

  • Advanced aerodynamic design

  • Servo motor and control system

  • NSK bearing, high tensile strength

  • Installation of smart meter in control cabinet


Introduction of application

This equipment is dedicated to twist Aluminum and Copper round compress conductor. This project contains external rotation pressure die structure, and provide the required traction used for compress conductor, when the conductor compress, the take-up part of bundling machine will obtain, and have a special line way to reduce torque between rotating traction wheel and take-up bobbin, can ensure that there is a good round conductor.

Main parameter

Type Ф1250mm Ф1600mm
Wire diameter of wire inlet Φ1.0mm-3.0mm /7cores(Copper wire ) /50mm2
Φ1.5mm-3.5mm/ 7 Cores (AL wire)/70mm2
Φ2.0mm-6.5mm/2-4 cores  (2-4 cores 1.0mm2-10.0mm2)
Φ1.5mm-4.8mm /7cores(Copper wire ) /50mm2
Φ1.5mm-4.8mm /37cores(Copper wire ) /150mm2
Φ1.5mm-5.0mm/ 7 Cores (AL wire)/70mm2
Φ1.5mm-5.0mm/ 7 Cores (AL wire)/240mm2
Φ2.0mm-6.5mm/2-4 cores  (2-4 cores 1.0mm2-10.0mm2
Conductor section area of stranding 5.5-50mm2 (Copper conductor)
10.0-70mm2 (AL conductor)
16-150mm2 (Copper conductor) 37heads pay off
16.0-240mm2 (AL conductor) 37 heads pay off
Lay range(Copper and Aluminum) 40-350mm. Thumb wheel type setting automatic calculation and adjustment. 50-600mm. Thumb wheel type setting automatic calculation and adjustment.
Wire diameter of stranding
Stranding section (flexible strands) 3.5-70mm2 10-70mm2
Stranding section (1 + 6) 3.5-50mm2 10-50mm2
Compacted copper 3.5-50mm2 16-150mm2 (with 37 heads pay off)
Compacted aluminum 3.5-70mm2 16-240mm2  (with 37 heads pay off)
Maximum line speed 150m/min
Maximum compression pressure coefficient 13%
Direction of twisting S.Z. (Left and right twisting direction can be selected)
Speed of rotation body 800 RPM/MAX. (1600 Twist), normal working speed:600RPM(1200 twist) 450 RPM/MAX. (900 Twist), normal working speed:300RPM(600 twist)
Main frame 55KW servo Motor 90KW DC Motor+ digital control
Capstan 30KW servo Motor 55KW DC Motor +digital control
Spool tension 7.5KW servo Motor 18.5KW DC Motor+ digital control
Traverse unit 0.75KW servo Motor 1.5KW servo Motor
Rotation die stand 0.75KW servo Motor 2.2KW servo Motor
Spool drum size Max 1250mm Max 1600mm
Spool load capacity Max 5000KG Max 8000KG
Power source 380V, 50Hz(or depend on customer’s requirement)
Drum loading and unloading Type: Motor shaftless type.
Bobbin load /unload: by electric lifting platform control
Low noise design Main machine noise is insulated by safety cover, noise below -80db.
Brake Adopt pneumatic brake
Control PLC system control

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