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Can I return and exchange items?

We cannot accept any returns, exchanges or issue refunds. Therefore, it is the customer’s responsibility since all sales are final.
If you have any problems with your order please contact us, who will give you reasonable suggestions.

Can I return for refund?

We cannot arrange return and refund to the customers, unless obvious quality problem. You can return it for refund, if you have such problems, please feel free to Contact Us.

What does the refund item include?

Several conditions must be met before we will refund an item. We also offer partial refunds if conditions for a full refund is not met. Also note that some of our items are non-refundable. You should also call our Customer Support Hot-line and one of our customer representatives will be glad to clarify for you.

If the returning package doesn't include all the accessories and parts it was shipped with, the cost of the accessories and parts will be deducted from the total product price and can only warrant a partial refund.

When the package finally returns to our office, we will examine the item and offer a complete refund if the above required conditions is met. If there are missing or parts and accessories, we can offer a partial refund depending on the item condition.

All packages that warrant a complete and partial refund will not have its original shipping fee (from us to you) refunded!

We will not be responsible for the returning shipping fee (from you to us).

In a word, refund items do not include shipping fee.

All items have 7 days (from customer receiving the package to the customer contacting us) before being non-eligible for complete and partial refund.

We reserve the right to issue an approximately 15% restocking fee based on the condition and specification of the item.

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